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the air is still quite drive. from the 60' s into the 50' s and into the 40' s. let' s take a look at without frost advisory is in effect. we' ll have to watch adjacent counties as temperatures will be in the mid to upper 30' s. that is cold enough to produce some frost on some of those elevated rooftops. we will do that neighborhood county by county overnight lows and let you know how chilly it is going to be in your area. when rain is set to return. meredith: some of the same faces from a murder trial are making a repeat appearance on the murder stand. it is a retrial of amber right. detectives say she and four others lord seth jackson to a home or he was beaten and shot and set on fire.
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s ex-girlfriend' s 19 and a new jury will determine her guilt or innocence. julie cunningham testified about the fire burning behind her marion county home. 15-year-old seth jackson. he had been lured by his ex-girlfriend and was beaten and shot and burned in a backyard fire pit. and 2012 the jury found amber guilty and she was sentenced to life without parole. they granted write a new trial. they said in an incriminating interview should not have been included. all of the codefendants were sentenced to life in prison. the accused gunman got the death
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the marion county sheriff' s deputy talked to amber right. her mother testified and so did seth jackson' s mother who said the last time she heard from her son was that sunday night before he was murdered area did meredith: the new trial is slated to go till friday. jim: bond has been denied for an orlando teenager who is accused of trying to ran over a police officer. he fired two shots in return wanting kelsay. he has been cleared of any wrongdoing. anderson'
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and said her husband has vision problems, traumatic brain injury and ptsd. meredith: a man turns himself in admitting he hit a three-year-old with his car and did not stop. he was taken to jail. the boy walked into traffic while like ice cream from a truck. gibson told police that he didn' t stop because he had a suspended license. his mom wants to know how anyone could hit a child and keep going. the ice cream truck driver went after the car to get the license tag. jim: a man who told police he was beaten by three men could be in trouble himself. unidentified man told police he was riding a bicycle in three men wearing police style shirts and him up. they began an
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say his injuries are consistent with falling off a bike. one witness doubts that. police and now looking for the victim and finding a hard time finding him. he could be charged with filing a false police report. we hope you can help find a missing do barry man. he left his home on oaktree drive at about 1030 p.m. sunday night. the french says mckinnon was there but left an hour later mckinnon hasn' t been seen since. meredith: a volusia county man is charged with child neglect found wandering the streets. he lives in a mobile home. he is a drug addict and is not properly caring for the three-year-old and two other kids who live there. investigators say that they
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plain sight along with one mattress for five people. a neighbor who did not want to be identified said she saw the toddler walking around in the cold on sunday. they also filed charges against a female. they are investigating whether several cars shot with a pellet gun in the baldwin neighborhood of the victims of the same vandal that shot up some businesses. they had their windows shot out worth of damage. first.
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police say the car was hit twice by what appears to be a pellet gun. police say at least a dozen businesses were hit. it is a second time their windows have been shot out in two weeks. capturing a blurry white car in both incidents. so far police have no other leads. kurt resting said he had to close his mattress shop after for his win it windows were shot
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jim: if you have any information about the shootings you are urged to call the crime line. meredith: an alarming situation involving a school bus. a crossing arm on the front of the school bus. all school bus drivers are required to stop look and listen at all railroad crossings. this volusia county driver must have a clear line of sight for 1000 feet each way.
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crossing arm buses are far be safe. not to back up behind them. and possible damage to the crossing arm. jim: a burglary that ended in a deadly crash. he was charged with grand theft. he was one of the people who broke into a home in sanford back in november. then he led police on a high-speed chase. the suv flipped over while trying to avoid stop sticks. two other people in a vehicle died. a link between a man whose burned body was discovered and an earlier homicide. 18-year-old isaiah hammond exhibit admitted shooting carlos hatfield outside his home in march. after an argument over stolen drug money. they were preparing to cement the case to the state attorney' s office for a final charging decision. the smoldering remains were
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eagles nest park. meredith: the supreme court has struck down the sentencing guidelines in florida is sentencing death penalty cases. the court said he gives too much power to judges and not enough power to juries. florida is in one of only three states where a jury' s recommendation of death does not have to be unanimous. that has the family of his victim concerned that he could win a life sentence. the attorney general is now reviewing the high court' s ruling. jim: florida lawmakers are back to work today in tallahassee. governor rick scott kicked off his session with the state of
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governor scott. : we must keep doing the work we' ve been doing to help floridians get a job and to keep cutting taxes. jim: proposing $1 million in tax cuts to help create jobs. house and senate leaders have generally said they support the idea. there are disagreements about which taxes should be cut. whether the cuts should be permanents are only for this year. meredith: the finishing touches are being done to barack obama' s final state of the union address. it will include mentions of the economy and fighting isis and gun violence. peter golds the seminole county resident is a tulane medical student who shot new orleans won trying to stop a man from stealing a woman' s purse. you can see the president' s state of the union address right here at 9:00 tonight.
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jim: the big trend among local college students. we have undercover video of officers busting underage drinkers. comic book characters are seen stealing from an atm. tony: we are worried about frost that come thursday night it will spread rain and even the risk of some some thunder showers. i will tell you about the weather straight ahead. interstate for ultimate construction. it will be closed periodically monday through friday this week. 10:00 p.m. to
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you can use the maitland
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you can take traffic on the meredith: a new boldness by students try to pass off fake ids for underage drinking. they are committing a third-degree felony. >> this body camera video shows a police officer escorting a suspected underage drinker out of a bar. they say it is alarming how
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they have confiscated many fake ids from students. detectives say the accessibility and quality of these ids is on the rise. many students don' t realize it is a felony to just possess one. students can easily order fake ids online. on this traffic stop he spotted a second id and the students while it. he got the 18-year-old to admit it was a fake. later he was surprised by the
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the officer finds the fake id under the car. getting caught with a fake id is not only a felony but can also put their scholarships and even enrollment at risk. jim: the police say the joint operation with the sheriff' s office has crackdown on three off-campus bars. meredith: bandits dressed up like comic book characters stole from an atm in brevard county. dressed as the marvel character
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one of the burglars mask came off during the crime and police are hoping that someone will recognize him from the footage. jim: millions of people are snapping up powerball tickets in the hope of winning this enormous jackpot. experts say winning that kind of money can ruin your life. everything in your life can change in ways that you never dreamed. who should you trust? how should you spend the money? should you change your lifestyle? many lottery winners have gone from rags to riches and back to rags.
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plus you should hire a trusted attorney and a financial planner and an accountant and perhaps even mental health counseling. meredith: some would say we had a big with the weather out there. these cooler temperatures are not everyone' s favorite but it is a nice change of pace. let me take you back outside. that gorgeous shot right now. the sun is setting later and later. you will start noticing that the sun will be setting later. we have gone from the mid-60' s. a dewpoint of 27. for the temperature to continue to fall. that florida.
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could have some patchy frost coming in. a comfortable afternoon with winds out of the northwest at about five to 10 miles per hour on thursday high-pressure slides away. and those temperatures begin to warm up. we are watching our next weather maker. this one does have the potential to bring us some thunderstorms on friday. check back in with is over the course of the next couple of
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as we head into friday afternoon. falls back into the upper 50' s for highs. some heavy hitters are already on site for this event. while that was mostly smiles on the driving range, a debbie braves fans.
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in three years time this area will almost certainly have no spring games to attend. central florida' s own john hart playing in a celebrity golf event now the president of baseball operations for the atlanta braves who are about to and to their long spring training run at disney' s wide world of sports.
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pulling out of central florida following this spring. leaving no teams in close proximity for atlanta to play. marcus allen is here are old friend johnny damon. timmy wakefield, the great knuckleballer. cy young award winner justin verlander.
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a refreshingly entertaining national championship game last night. alabama is now once again the national champion. you can use the word dynasty. when you know that sneaky tricks save and would use the onside kick snatch momentum away from clemson on the way to victory. five overall now for satan. leaving him just one shy of the great air bryant. --
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